Hooe Green


On behalf of the local community Plym Valley Heritage completed the process of applying to have Hooe Green registered as a village green in August 2014. Once registered it will be protected as a village green.

In 1964 Plymouth City Council created the green by infilling the southern end of Hooe Lake. This was not solely a generous municipal gift to the community, they were looking for a place to dump rubble from building clearance in the town centre. Remember the Guinness Clock at Drake's Circus? Well the building that supported it is under Hooe Green. Rather a co-incidence too as Edna Sherrell had a florist's shop in that building and Edna was the last owner of Hooe Barton Farm, which she sold to Wimpey for building land. Hooe Barton Farm overlooked what is now Hooe Green. This forms the only large level space in Hooe and is much used by the community as a playground, dog walking, fetes and fairs.

Gill Whillock, Chair of PVH, said "This is a very exciting project which will benefit the community as a whole.”

We have had an excellent response to our questionnaires and many interesting photographs showing previous use.

We are hopeful of a successful outcome, especially considering that the infilling of the lake was for the purpose of creating a village green and PCC have continually maintained it as such, planted trees and created a children’s playground and kickabout pitch.

NEWS as at 26th July 2016
Following the notice that an application has been made to have the green included in the register of village greens and the posting of notices around the green and in the local press to this effect, no objections have been received. The matter is now being ‘considered further’ by PCC.

News as at 13th August 2017

PCC considered further and referred it on to the Planning Committee. We await their meeting. “Remember that, when said and done,

A lot is said but little done."