Hooe Panoramas

In 2012 a photographic tour was made of the Hooe Lake area using a series of interactive panoramas. New housing development has changed this area and the tour is now an historical document showing how it was before development.

There are seven 360° panoramas. You can look around each one as if you were standing in the centre. They are interlinked by clickable hotspot arrows. Doubleclick on an arrow to go to that location.

Go to: http://www.plymvalleyheritage.org/hooelakepan/bartonroad.html to start your tour. You can leave at any time by using your browser’s back button.


How they were done:

Each panorama was made by stitching together six separate images taken with a Nikon D300 camera with a 10mm wide angle lens moumted on a tripod with a graduated panorama head. The static panorama was imported into PanoStudio Pro, converted into a cylindrical image then hotspots added to link to the other panoramas. Yes, there is more to it than that.

TWITCHY PANORAMA MOVEMENT? You have an old processor or graphics card. Solution: Give it less work to do by reducing the size of your browser window until the picture pans smoothly.