Members’ Newsletter

The August 2017 edition of the members' newsletter is now available and a magnificent document it is too. Murder, Mayhem, Shipwreck...

Ivy’s Story traces the life of Ivy Cox, her brother and family from 1913 to the present describing a generation’s loves and labours in fascinating detail.

Born in Devonport in 1913 the family moved to Scotland until 1920 when they moved back to a cottage in the old village of Hooe. She recalls life and loves, work and play. Her schooldays at Hooe Junior School and subsequent marriage and stay in Malta during the war then work in the photographic D&P labs in Plymouth.

Using her story as its theme the book explores the social history of Plymouth life in the early twentieth century. The primitive sewage system, washday procedure, cinemas of Plymouth and the exotic Dorothy Eady, Paul Rogers actor, Sloe Gin, 1920 recipes and Hooe School are among the many.

Written by Robin Blythe-Lord and beautifully produced as a 72page A4 paperback with 152 contemporary photographs and drawings.

 iWalks Booklet

This 28page A5 full colour walks booklet describes walks from Hooe, Jennycliff, Mount Batten and Turnchapel. Complete with linked map and historical / heritage notes. The walks are quite short and suitable for wheelchairs, prams and buggies. More details from the Treasurer. Cost £2.50 + p&p


Two DVDs are available with two programmes on each. Widescreen, Stereo Sound. PAL system.

Radford Castle and Hooe Barn
Hooe Lake Quarry and Local Views.

  • Radford Castle contains a history of the house and estate, the family and the Armada Service with a tour around the interior of the Castle.
  • Hooe Barn traces the history of the manor of Hooe from Saxon times to 2011 and includes an interior tour and memories of a farm boy.
  • Local Views a celebration of our area.
  • Hooe Lake Quarry a programme on the history of the quarry, its varied uses and current redevelopment proposals.

£10 each from the Treasurer

Local Memories, Anecdotes and Facts

We are starting to collect material for a book, to be published by PVH, containing local memories, anecdotes and facts. These can be as long or as short as you like and be text and/or pictures.  Subject? well anything really, for example: do you remember:-

The Broadway being built? The air raid shelter  under the roundabout at Lidl’s? The Train from Turnchapel to town? The Quarries in operation? Downham Hostel? The Americans? Your first day at school or work?

Contact Lesley Blythe-Lord on 01752 403321 or