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In their infinite wisdom and no doubt for many £s, PCC appointed a firm of consultants to devise a name for the new History Centre. They thought long and hard and decided upon The Box as its name. There then followed a launch dance in The Mall and many, many words of pseudo intellectual justification in response to a public outcry about the stupidity of the choice. We thought you would like to read one of these justifications, submitted by one of our members, so you could judge the depth of thinking:

 'Paul Brookes, the Interim Chief Executive of the forthcoming Plymouth History Centre, gives three key reasons for the choice of name, The Box :-

 1.       The key feature of the stunning contemporary architecture that counterpoints with the adjacent listed buildings is the floating archive, the box in the sky, where all the precious collections from around the city will be housed  for their long-term security.

 2.        Over 100,000 boxes will be required to move the collections into the building when completed.

 3.        The vision for the project has always been to be a cabinet of curiosities, to seek what’s in the box, what comes out of the box, to think out of the box.  

 So, how do you compete with this inspirational thinking?’
Mr Brooks is only the Interim Chief Executive, this may change. In the meantime we can only relish imaginary introductions he may suffer when talking to gatherings outside Plymouth

A typeface has been chosen for The Box. The letter O is so compressed that the title now reads The BIX. The fun just keeps coming!


Having spent £155,000 on renovations, a new wood floor, a handrail around the top and waterproofing the roof PCC handed the tower over in September 2017 to the Mount Batten Watersports Centre for use as a wedding and events venue. The exact terms of this and MBWatersports’ responsibilities are not known at this stage. Visits to the tower can be arranged through the Mount Batten Centre at Tel:01752 404567